Our Commitment


Every WHD purchase you make plants one tree!

Nature is our great love and biggest inspiration. That's why for every purchase made either online or in-person, a tree is planted to help reforestation in Ontario. For more information visit our partners at One Tree Planted.


Giving Back

The Art of Courage (TAOC)  is a platform for storytelling through art to create awareness, educate, advocate, and raise funds to change lives. TAOC funds various projects to empower local leaders to help the most vulnerable women and children. We have specially designed pieces that give directly to the TAOC and their current projects. For more information visit The Art of Courage.


We want to leave the smallest footprint we can. Our pieces use locally dyed leathers, conflict-free stones, and recycled sterling silver, and materials whenever possible. We want you to feel good about where your jewelry comes from.