Our Materials

Colorful Leather

Our Leather

Our leather is a curated collection of Canadiana tones. Each colour is chosen for its rich, deep tone and represents our memories and love of the Canadian landscape. The artisans who create the shades have over 100 years’ combined experience in blending and creating dyes.


The sun is used to naturally warm and dry the colours in a slow process that allows the hide to expand, take in the colour, and set in a complete cure. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to make your leather cord beautiful with the least impact on the environment.


All of the dyes used in our leathers are certified 100% Lead-Free and meet all requirements of the German Goods Ordinance, REACH (European Union), RoSH (U.K.), and CPSIA (U.S.) which require consumer goods to be free of Lead, AZO’s and carcinogenic chemicals.

Our Sterling Silver

Recycled Sterling Silver

We use recycled sterling silver whenever possible. Recycling silver helps to limit the number of metals that must be produced. This will ensure less waste in landfills and can help to slow the consumption of natural resources. Hand-made jewellery from recycled silver can cut down transportation costs too!

In cases where we can't use recycled silver, our silver comes from Italy or the United States.



Argentium, like sterling silver, is a silver alloy. Argentium contains a greater amount of pure silver, than sterling silver, and it’s brighter, more durable and more tarnish-resistant. Argentium is made from ethically sourced silver and does not require harsh chemicals that are often required for silver production.


Our Packaging

We're always working on ways to cut down our impact on the environment. Our paper products are made from recycled materials and we use natural materials whenever possible.


To lower our carbon footprint - we offer free home studio pick-up so we reduce the number of packages we send in the mail.