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Sprinkle Love Everywhere - Top 10 things I am loving on this month!

How lovely to have a day marked on our calendars to set aside time to feel the love, show the love, reflect on the love in our lives, within ourselves and in the world. This month I am sharing the Love I have for some fellow makers and some local love in my beloved town of Kingston.

In kindness and of course with love, Whitney xo


1. Rhicreations - Hand Poured Soy Candle "LOVE" Scent

Rhian Jansen is a Local Kingston Maker and Advocate for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Her daily stories and posts on instagram are beautiful, witty and sometimes carry a message and friendly reminder to Love our Earth. Her hand poured soy candles are what she is best known for as a maker and I have one burning in my studio on a daily basis, in fact I had Rhi create a Birch fragrance candle for my line during the holidays. This month Rhi is part of The Pink Love Give Away Contest we are running on Instagram. Check it out and play along. Click image to link to Rhicreations.

2. Erinsyarnshoppe - Ivory Lorette hat

Erin is a crochet artisan and pattern designer from Newmarket. I met Erin during the Holiday Show season this past year, we were neighbours at Handmade Market in Niagara Falls. I got to know her a little then, I fell in love with her hats (three hats later) and maker story and respect the time she spends pumping out hats for her bigger shows while raising three young boys. She also adores coffee and that means we are friends for life. This month Erin is also part of The Pink Love Give Away Contest we are running on Instagram. Check it out and play along!

3. Pink Opal Beaded Bracelet

I am loving this piece I created because of what it stands for and how much pleasure I see in womens eyes when they are gifted this bracelet. The charm can be stamped with an initial or my favourite a big "XO". (click on image for more details). Pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and others so that's a good place to start, but the pink opal is believed when gifted to give big love to others. How could anything be more fitting.

This month this bracelet is also part of The Pink Love Give Away Contest we are running on Instagram. Check it out and play along. Note that the give away is one bracelet, this image shows three bracelets stacked.

4. Nuevo Tango Restaurant - Valentines Dinner

Okay nothing says romantic Valentines dining like Nuevo Tango. My husband and I do not make a habit of celebrating Valentines Day in an extra special way every year but when the mood and timing hits just right this is our go to place, sorry if you are not from Kingston, but if you visit check it out (click on image). Great place to meet as a group and share from there great Tapas menu.




5. Heather Haynes Lifestyles - "She Stands Strong" Apparel

I am not sure what I love more my sister, the artist or the new lifestyle line she has created from her bodies of work. LOL, I love Heather more, but I loved her even more when she gifted me with a new pair of yoga tights from my current favourite painting of her's "she stands strong". Check out Heather's website, lots of new things happening. (Click on image). Heather is also part of The Pink Love Give Away Contest we are running on Instagram, she is gifting the "She Stands Strong" Scarf, each scarf is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada . It's going to look great with Erin's Loretta hat. Check it out on Insta and play along.

6. Visit Kingston - Meet the Makers Initative

I love my city and I love how creative types are embraced and supported 100% - we have a lotta local love in our town! Kingstonians' choose local, handcrafted and small when the choice is given. And thanks to a key initiative launched a couple of years ago by Visit Kingston (Kingston tourism) "Meet the Makers" our profiles have been elevated even more. For all the latest goings on in Kingston head over to their site. Click image to head to website.

7. Cedar & Vine - Luna Jacket - 100% Linen - Made in Canada

Another new friend from the show circuit, Jo is creator and designer of Cedar & Vine, and I am in love with her pieces, her philosophy and her kind spirit. I also love how my jewelry works with her designs.

"There's an understated beauty in quality + timeless design. This was the philosophy out of which Cedar & Vine was born. What started as a simple passion has evolved into a mindset that encompasses more than just clothing design." these are the words that greet you when you open her website. The Luna jacket featured her is a piece I gifted myself at the end of holiday show season. I cannot wait for it to become my new staple piece in spring. Jo is from Sask. but now lives and works in Toronto. Please check out her website as well by clicking on the image.

8. Balzac's Kingston - Cup of Americano

I moved back from Toronto to Kingston over 17 years ago now and I was delighted when they brought Balzac's to Kingston, as this was one stomping ground I truly missed. Don't get me wrong we have a lot of great independent coffee shops in Ktown that I frequent as well, but there is a very personal connection I have with Balzac's Americano and the association to having a little Toronto in my life still. By the way I LOVE COFFEE. Also note in this image the wallpaper is designed by a well known "localish" wallpaper designer/artist Kate Golding.

9. POP UPS at Heather Haynes Gallery

I love popping up in this great gallery of my sister's, in this great little town of Gananoque.

We have collaborated many times over the years. My next pop up is happening this Saturday, Feb 9th. It is a mini pop up of sorts, meaning I will not be bringing my whole line, but some new fun items, some themed hearts, some pretty pearls, some pink opal beads and of course other mainline items from my collections. The highlight of the event will be both Heather and I working away in her newly created studio section of the gallery. I will be hand stamping on site for anyone wanting a personalized piece on he spot.. Heather will be in action working/painting on her latest body of work. It truly is a treat to watch Heather paint - kind of like magic. For full details about the one day event check on my website under schedules. Click image.

10. Gather - Gather the Good Things Market Days

Okay this lady is a Retail Rock Star!!!!

Karen runs an amazing platform from her bowling alley turned women's clothing store in Bowmanville, Ontario. Gather is one of those special independent retail stores that makes "bricks and mortar" the best way to shop. Not only does she carry amazing clothing lines , she hosts almost on a weekly basis a makers market that is weaved within her racks and stacks of clothing and accessories. I have been lucky enough to be invited to par take a couple of times and it is one of the highlights of my year, People she has lines up down the street for these events!!! Just try and tell Karen "bricks and mortar" shopping is a dying thing. The support and love she gives to the makers that take part in her markets is above and beyond. ON behalf of all makers we Thank You and we Love You. Gather. It's worth the drive to Bowmanville.

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