• Whitney Haynes

When a whimsical thought becomes a reality...careful what you wish for... or not.


From the corporate world to a makers life.

I probably walked the Toronto One of a Kind Show for the first time back in my early career days when living in Toronto in my mid twenties, that was over 25 years ago now. My friend and I walked the Christmas Show, it was pretty much the only one of it's kind back then (no pun intended). I was in awe of the show, the artisans and artists, basically the whole culture and of course the beautiful products. I worked in Toronto for the next 15 years after that first visit and attended the show every year, I always wished (no word of a lie) that I was one of the vendors and that I lived the artisan life. Do not ask me why I had such a strong desire, I expect I had creative impulses that where not being itched and craved a life where I had more control of it's outcome.

Fast forward to today and I am extremely happy to announce that I will be vending at this year's Spring One of a Kind Show...Life is a crazy mystical ride isn't it?!!!
I left Toronto and returned to my home town with my family in tow about 15 years ago, my goal was to make a living creating and working for myself. I did not make it a hard goal to one day be a vendor at the One of a Kind Show, but if I am honest there was always the voice in the back of my head saying "maybe someday". As my business developed and I started attending small shows, then larger shows, that voice grew louder and voila here I go! Please come and visit me at One of a Kind this March.


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