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When things get a bit gritty you have to make a "Maker" move!

It's almost Summertime!!!

"The earth delights to feel your barefoot and the winds long to play with your hair." -Kahlil Gibran

Hey Friends and WHD Family

Some of you may have noticed some changes to the stock in our online store. Don’t panic! It’s temporary! I’m writing to let you know why and provide some background history about my maker journey thus far.

Over a decade ago I worked a job in the high-rises of Toronto living a fast-paced life that involved a lot of travel and a lot of hours. I’m not here to complain about it, I loved my time in the big city. I took advantage of amazing opportunities to soak in different arts and culture, to see places and interact with people I never would have been able to without that job. Mike and I built the foundations of our marriage there. And there, in our brick townhouse, we started our family.

When I felt I had explored the depths of what that kind of career had to offer, I started to feel the pull back to Kingston. Back to my sisters, my parents, and back to the city of limestone and water. The move was difficult, but it was also amazing.

Having had all of us together, raising our kids in tandem has been one of the highlights of my life. If you follow myself or my sisters on social media you may have noticed an increase in posts about our dad. He was diagnosed with Alzheimers several years ago and up until now we had been successfully caring for him at home. Recently he took a turn for the worst and all together we made the difficult decision to move him to an assisted living facility. As many of you who have had to make the same choice know,

the transition is quite difficult.

But of course, life never throws only one thing at you at a time. While the year has been tough with the family, the year has been booming with the business. Attributed to all of you, the support I’ve received in Kingston and now across the province and elsewhere has been incredible. With the opening of the online shop, we have definitely felt the love! The only downside being that there are only so many hours in a day and only one of me.

While Toronto suited the businesswoman in me,

Kingston spoke to my creative side. I found silversmithing through a bit of soul searching and some hobby courses while I tried to decide what I wanted to do. I slid right into the maker lifestyle and I’ve never looked back. For the last 8 years the hustle and creative flow has kept me working hard and feeling fulfilled while giving me the flexibility to prioritize my family. And what a gift that has been.

BUT friends let me tell you, growing pains are real. What we’ve decided to do over here at WHD is use the summer to regroup, so that we can come back better than ever. The vast majority of our products will still be available at our upcoming shows, but I’ve decided to limit online availability for a couple months so the important things can be brought back into focus. We’ve got a busy schedule of shows coming up that require a lot of product to be built, as well as a lot of new designs in motion. These things deserve some serious love and attention so I can keep bringing you the best of what WHD has to offer. This online hiatus will also help me from feeling pulled in all directions. Right now it’s important to me that I dedicate the time my father’s move

deserves. I want to be able to drive out to him or my family whenever I feel the need as we all move forward in this together. Limiting online and custom orders for the time being will give me the mental freedom to do so.

Never fear friends!!

Like I said, online may be limited for a short while, but I’ve got a host of shows coming up this summer that I’m so excited for. There you will find all your favourites still available and some bright and cheery summery boho-hippie pieces!

Here’s a list:

June 29th - July 1. Artfest Canada Day Week End


July 19th - 21st Muskoka Summer Arts and Craft Bracebridge

Aug 30 - Sept 2. Artfest Fall Fine Art & Craft Show Toronto Distillery

Sept 13 &14

Handmade Market

St. Catherine’s

Vintage Kodak Moment Summer 1972 at our cottage on Lake Opinion - myself, our dad Bob, Terry, Heather and our grandmother Norma.

Come the fall (end of September), online will return to normal!

And hopefully you will discover some new favourites you’ll fall in love with. I’m excited to see all your faces in person over the summer and to reconnect with my identity as a maker. I appreciate you all allowing me the time to do this. My work thanks you, my family thanks you, and I thank you.

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