Birch Pendant Wrap in English Saddle (Double-sided) | 14k Gold-filled

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With its peeling bark and slender silhouette, the Birch is a ghost among the forest. It can easily be criticized as delicate or weak to the untrained eye but in fact, the mighty Birch proves to us that perceived outer weakness is not an indication of inner strength. We are capable of so much more than we know. Let the Birch be a symbol of growth and new beginnings as you take a piece with you. Each wrap comes with a beautiful card featuring our Birch story.

  • About this wrap

    Naturally fallen birch bark is collected from the forest floor and placed into double-sided pendants showcasing either white or dark birch when flipped. The pendant is set in sterling silver and attached to the leather with gold-filled magnetic closures. Our Birch Pendant wrap in English Saddle is hand-dyed leather in deep, warm browns like a perfectly worn saddle. Each wrap has a gold-filled WHD tag and turquoise stone which is the stone for balancing mind, body and spirit.

    • Hand-collected fallen birch
    • Locally hand-dyed and cut leather
    • Ft. turquoise stone
    • 12mm pendant
    • Wraps five times
    • Magnetic closure
    • Sterling silver and gold-filled
  • Our leather

    Our leather is a curated collection of Canadiana tones. Each custom colour is chosen for its rich, deep tone and represents our memories and love of the Canadian landscape. All our leather is locally cut and dyed from cowhide. With time, your piece will soften and become perfectly molded to you.

    Please note that the image used for this product will not look exactly like the piece you will receive. Because our leather is hand-dyed no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece will vary and be unique to you.

  • What is gold-filled?

    Gold-filled is constructed with two to three layers of 14k gold over brass. It is 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular gold plating. Gold-filled is a quality designation that is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. This metal is easy to care for and with proper care will maintain its golden shine for years to come.

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