‘Courage’ Lava Stone Luxe Bracelet | Sterling Silver

‘Courage’ Lava Stone Luxe Bracelet | Sterling Silver


Lava Stone is created when molten lava reaches the surface of the earth and begins to cool. After intense heat and pressure, the liquid solidifies and the stone begins to take shape. Because of its origins, this stone is known for its grounding and calming qualities that teach us about depth, intensity, and courage. As one of the Earth’s oldest stones, it strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.


In addition, Lava Stone is a wonderful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.  Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the stone and enjoy the added therapeutic benefits it brings.

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  • About this bracelet

    The 'Courage' bracelet features deep, matte, 10mm lava stone beads hand-strung on a waxed, black leather cord. Each piece has a high-shine sterling silver bark bead and a round heirloom tag. Our heirloom tags can be hand-stamped with the initial of your choice or left blank. Our stone bracelets look great on their own but make a beautiful stack when layered with multiples.

    • Lava Stone
    • Can be personalized with an initial
    • 18mm heirloom tag
    • 12mm x 10mm bark bead
    • Sterling silver
    • Leather
    • Available in multiple sizes
  • A note about wear + care

    As with all special jewelry, this bracelet requires love and care. Please be sure to remove your piece before bathing, swimming or doing messy labour. With the right care, this piece will last you for many wonderful years.

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