'High Tide' White Turquoise Surfer Necklace


The tide is a balance of forces between the moon and the sun. With the highs, come the lows, and one can’t happen without the other. White turquoise is known as a stone of relaxation for mind, body and spirit. As the waves roll in, breathe deeply and take comfort knowing that rhythm of the universe carries on.

  • About this necklace

    Our white turquoise Surfer necklace is new for summer. A beautiful strand of small white turquoise beads with our open organic circle pendant hand-stamped with a wave. At the closure are our WHD tag and a turquoise bead tied off with eco-friendly leather. Perfect with everything from a white tee to a summer dress. Looks pretty on its own but looks tasty layered with your other favourite necklaces.

    • 5mm white turquoise beads
    • hand-stamped pendant
    • pendant approx.  15mm
    • sterling silver
    • turquoise bead
  • A note about wear + care

    As with all special jewelry, this piece requires love and care. Please be sure to remove your piece before bathing, swimming or doing messy labour. With the right care, this piece will last you for many wonderful years.

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