'Luna' Biwa Pearl Choker | Sterling Silver

'Luna' Biwa Pearl Choker | Sterling Silver


Ancient storytellers believed pearls came from dewdrops soaked in moonlight. When the dewdrops fell into the ocean they were swallowed by oysters and made into pearls. The moonlight still shines from within giving pearls their lustre and brilliance. Because of their romantic beginnings, pearls are one of the oldest and most sacred symbols of love and beauty.

  • About this necklace

    Our Luna Biwa Pearl Choker is a strand of our beautiful paperclip chain with a lustrous freshwater Biwa pearl, and a small 'mum' or WHD logo tag hanging from it. It's pulled together in the front with a sterling silver clip. Each pearl is one of a kind in colour, shape and lustre. This piece looks great in a layer or on its own. For those looking for a set, see our 'Luna' Biwa Pearl Long Earrings

  • A note about wear + care

    As with all special jewelry, this piece requires love and care. Please be sure to remove your piece before bathing, swimming or doing messy labour. With the right care, this piece will last you for many wonderful years.

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