Luna Rondelle Pearl Link Earrings | Sterling Silver

Luna Rondelle Pearl Link Earrings | Sterling Silver


Ancient storytellers believed pearls came from dewdrops soaked in moonlight. When the dewdrops fell into the ocean they were swallowed by oysters and made into pearls. The moonlight still shines from within giving pearls their lustre and brilliance. Because of their romantic beginnings, pearls are one of the oldest and most sacred symbols of love and beauty.

  • About these earrings

    Our Luna Rondelle Pearl Link earrings are AA Grade Freshwater Pearls hanging from sterling silver link chain. We consider these dainty statement earrings. They can be dressed up or down and look beautiful with our other pearl pieces.

    • AA Grade Freshwater pearls
    • 10mm pearl
    • approx. 45mm total length
    • Sterling silver