River Pebble Pendant with Diamond | Sterling Silver

River Pebble Pendant with Diamond | Sterling Silver


The connection we have with those we love cannot be explained. Whether by cosmic intervention or good fortune, when we find our beloved it becomes sacred. The love that flows between us remains ever after, shaping who we are. Wear this heirloom talisman as a reminder of a bond that can never be broken.

Add initial pebble(s) $30 each
  • About this necklace

    Designed after collected river pebbles from my walks along the lakes and rivers of Ontario. Each pendant features a 2mm conflict-free diamond and is strung on a sterling silver rolo chain. The chain is fully adjustable and can be customized to any length up to 22" making it the ultimate piece to layer with. Make it 22" one day and 16" the next, endless possibilities. Looks beautiful added to our original River Pebble Heirloom necklace. 

    • 2mm diamond
    • Conflict-free
    • Adjustable chain (up to 22')
    • Sterling silver
    • 8mm pendant
  • A note about wear + care

    We are in love with our adjustable chains. However, as with all special jewelry, they require love and care. Please be sure to remove your piece before bathing, swimming or doing messy labour. Additionally, when adjusting your chain, please thread it slowly. With the right care this piece will last you for many wonderful years


    Please note that this product could take two to 3 weeks to deliver, but sometimes right away depending on stock availabiltiy.  If this is a time sensative order please check in with us first to see how quickly we can ship to you.  This is a new category for us and will take a couple of months to sort out volume and turn around times, thank you for your patience.

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