'XO' Link Bracelet | Sterling Silver

'XO' Link Bracelet | Sterling Silver


As the union of two people became more about true love (and less about external factors such as family and status) the love letter was born. Love letters became important ways to show love and affection. And in the spirit of romance, a new tradition was born. People began to sign and sealed their letters with an X. It eventually came to mean they were sealing it with a kiss, perhaps even physically kissing the scroll or paper once sealed. The 'O' came later and represents encircling a loved one in your arms. XO

  • About this bracelet

    Our 'XO' Link Bracelet has our hand-sculpted heirloom round tag stamped with 'XO'. The tag is hanging from our new oval chain which hangs perfectly from your wrist.

    *please note:  Our smaller/medium bracelets have a flat oval, and our larger bracelets have a round oval shape. Should you have any questions regarding fit, please don't hesitate to reach out. Please refer to the sizing guide in our FAQs.

    • Hand-sculpted
    • 18mm XO tag
    • Sterling silver
    • Oval link chain
    • Lobster clasp
  • A note about wear + care

    As with all special jewelry, this bracelet requires love and care. Please be sure to remove your piece before bathing, swimming or doing messy labour. With the right care, this piece will last you for many wonderful years.

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